Welcome to KathaSiyah!

We are a Bangalore-based theatre group formed by Karen D’Mello and Sunayana Premchander in 2015. Our vision is to tell stories with perspectives that are not included in mainstream discourse and narratives  that don’t always make it to centre stage. Our work is rooted in contemporary Indian politics and social debates with a deliberate re-centering of gender issues.. The work is grounded in research and engages rigorously with other performing arts. KathaSiyah works in multiple languages with audiences ranging across the socio economic spectrum. Previous works include Taramandal (Hindi and English) Gidagiduga (Kannada) and 3 (English). Read more…

“Gidagiduga, whose title had more alliteration than connotation, proved to be powerful in its capacity to shake and intrigue.” Read More

The Unbearable Otherness of Being (October 2016) by Maitreyi Karnoor in The Hindu.

“What the play (3) accomplishes is to depict the confused dynamics of the familial relationships in the urban contemporary reality.” Read More

Making Sense of Ties (August 2017) by Sammitha Sreevathsa in The Hindu.