KathaSiyah productions are covered in the media from time to time. Below is a list of media mentions:

“Karen D’Mello chose Neel Chaudhuri’s Taramandal as her concluding production. Extending Satyajit Ray’s popular short story Patol Babu, Film Star, the play is about a man and his unfulfilled dream of becoming an actor. It involves parallel narratives which are intended to punctuate the protagonist’s life. With the touching theme and strong performances, Karen received much appreciation for the play. “This is a story of disappointment and failure. I connected to it because I was also worried about whether I would succeed in my attempt,” she says.” –Getting the Act Right (July 2015) by Roshni Jacob in The Hindu.

“Gidagiduga, whose title had more alliteration than connotation, proved to be powerful in its capacity to shake and intrigue.” -The Unbearable Otherness of Being (October 2016) by Maitreyi Karnoor in The Hindu.

“What the play (3) accomplishes is to depict the confused dynamics of the familial relationships in the urban contemporary reality.” -Making Sense of Ties (August 2017) by Sammitha Sreevathsa in The Hindu.

“She [Sunayana Premchander] says, “Right now a lot of discourse is geared towards freedom from sexual violence. But what if we talk of her identity and agency in the face of oppression? Most of our dialogue looks at whether people have a choice to stay with oppression or people don’t have a choice at all. But many a time it is a lot more complicated than that.”” –Ensemble of Plays (May 2018) by Tania Thomas in the New Indian Express.

“The crew that played the magical creatures and village-folk were the secret ingredient that made the stage come alive. It helped the group use Shoonya’s generous space in a clever way, with the floor seating for the audience really pulling everyone into the drama that was unfolding, and giving it the appeal of a community performance around a bonfire. I’m excited for KathaSiyah’s next performance-this is a theatre group to watch out for!” – Nagamandala by KathaSiyah: A seamlessly performed study of India’s mystical lores by Tejaswi Subramanian in Qrius.