3 (English, 2017)


About the Play

In a bustling city of flyovers, lights, and smells, the play zooms in to a little hose, to the lives of a father, a mother, and their daughter. A family of three, they have everything they need. A seemingly perfect unit. Until the father loses his job, the daughter starts to grow up, and the mother sees her world changing. Equilibrium is disturbed. Their ideals are challenged by their subconscious biases. They must make choices, and someone will get left behind.

The play is set in the present, seven years in to the aftermath of everything that transpired. Three became two, and now he is back, bringing up lies, deceit, and memories no one wants to relive. The women had rebuilt their lives without him. Everything has changed. What will they do? Is this a game where they all lose, or where one of them wins in the end?

The play asks the questions — “what are the moral physical boundaries between a parent and child?” and “should you stay true to your values at any cost, even if that leads to destruction of your family?” while it also looks at the dynamics of relationship of a nuclear family. What is the one disaster that a perfect family cannot withstand?

Cast & Crew

Performers: Asha Upadhya, Ashish Dabreo, Parvati Ramchandran

Production Team: Manasa Thulasidas, Pooja Sudhir, Chetan, Shravan Cunchula
Light Design/Execution :  Sunil Kumar
Sound Design:  Jonathan Reuben
Costume: Manasa Thulasidas
Movement Direction: Pia Bunglowala
Space Partner: Enzyme Tech Park

Writer and Director: Sunayana Premchander

Age limit: 13 years and above


About the Playwright

Sunayana is a theatre practitioner based in Bangalore. In college, she was actively involved in theatre-directing, performing, and travelling with college productions. She spent six months mentoring children from Teach For India and interned for two months at Indian Ensemble Theatre. After graduation, she worked in Bangalore, handling production and backstage work Through 2016, she was assistant director on the Indian Ensemble Studio Initiative.  In August 2015, she co-founded Kathasiyah with Karen D’mello. From October to December 2015, Sunayana worked as a team leader of International Citizen Service, a cultural exchange program run by Pravah, Delhi and VSO UK.

She joined Indian Ensemble’s Writer’s Program in August 2015, and “3” is her first play, developed over the course of the program. Sunayana has joined Indian Ensemble’s Director’s Program, 2017-2018. “3” is Sunayana’s first play as a playwright, and will be her directorial debut.

Director’s Note

There were three sources of inspiration. The first was collected personal experiences of women and adolescents. It prompted my exploration of how a parent- child relationship changes as a girl comes of age, and must conform to the norms and rules of the world around her. Secondly, coming from a large, yet tight knit family, I wanted to look closely at the clash of ideals and values in a family, and what influence that has on an adolescent girl. That led to my third question of “how much freedom and choice can parents allow their children, before their own inherent conditioning comes in direct conflict?”